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Perspectives on New Crops and New Uses

Proceedings of the Fourth National Symposium New Crops and New Uses: Biodiversity and Agricultural Sustainability

Jules Janick (ed.). 1999. ASHS Press, Alexandria, VA

There are worldwide concerns about the future of agriculture in light of the many challenges that face crop production in the coming millennium. Among the problems are the ability to feed and sustain a doubling of world population in the next century; the increased risk, both biological and economic, faced by farmers swept up in the trend to monoculture and away from biodiversity; and finally the real problems of agricultural and economic sustainability in light of increased pressures from the marketplace caused by alternating gluts and shortages. The solutions proposed include advances in genetic improvement, new uses, and more efficient production of major crops on the one hand versus the search for increased crop diversity and new crop solutions on the other. The two strategies are not mutually exclusive.

This book is the fourth of a series based on national symposia on new crops. This volume is based on the symposium entitled New Crops and new Uses: Biodiversity and Agricultural Sustainability held Nov. 8 to 11, 1998 in Phoenix Arizona and organized by the Association for the Advancement of Industrial crops (AAIC), the Purdue University Center for new Crops and Plant Products, and the New Uses Council, Inc. It supplements three other proceedings: Progress in New Crops (1990, Timber Press, Portland, Oregon); New Crops (1993, Wiley Press, New York), and Advances in New Crops, (1996, ASHS Press, Alexandria, Virginia), which together represent an encyclopedic compendium of new crop information useful to growers, marketers, and researchers.

Hardback, 528 pages
ISBN 0-9615027-0-3

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Table of Contents

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