Birds depicted in the Loggia of Cupid and Psyche:

Some considerations:

  1. Not all species seem to be real-world birds and appear fanciful, imaginary.
  2. Where I could identify a real species, it is entirely possible that the scientific names have changed. My Peterson Field Guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe was published in 1976. Many name changes have probably occurred since then.
  3. I tried to check each species to see if the painter would most likely have encountered the bird at least seasonally, if not year-round.

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Spandrels Bird common name Scientific name
1 Venus shows Psyche to cupid -- --
2 Cupid and the Three Graces -- --
3 Venus, Ceres, and Juno Common Peafowl Pavo cristatus
4 Venus in her chariot L., R: Pos. Blue Tits sp.;
Rock Doves (white form)
Parus caeruleus;
Columba livia
5 Venus before Jupiter White Rock Doves;
Golden Eagle
Columba livia;
Aquila chrysaetos
6 Mercury -- --
7 Psyche is borne to Olympus -- --
8 Psyche before Venus White Rock Doves Columba livia
9 Jupiter kisses Cupid Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos
10 Mercury and Psyche Fanciful Pheasant? Phasianus sp. ?
A Amorino w/attributes of Cupid Pos. Wheatears? (unidentifiable) Oenanthe oenanthe
B Amorino w/attributes of Jupiter Poss. Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus
C Amorino w/attributes of Neptune L. Pos. Snipe or Woodcock
R. Pos. Rock Dove
Gallinago gallinago / Scolopax rusticola;
Columba livia
D Amorino w/attributes of Pluto Two bats, species unknown  
E Amorino w/attributes of Mars Top: Pos. Wagtail sp.
Left: Kestrel
Right: Great Tits; Harrier sp.
Motacilla sp.
Falco tinnunculus
Parus major; Circus sp.
F Amorino w/attributes of Apollo Swallow Hirundo rustica
G Amorino w/attributes of Mercury Poss. Black-throated Thrush or fanciful Wagtail ? Turdus ruficollis
H Amorino w/attributes of Bacchus -- --
I Amorino w/attributes of Pan L. cor: Little or Scops Owl in cen;
Hoopoe on R.;
Blackbird at bottom;
pos. Sparrows or Brambling above
Athene noctue or Otus scops;
Upupa epops;
Turdus merulo;
Fringilla montifringilla
J Amorino w/attributes of Minerva Pos. Great tits; Large dove sp. Parus major
K Amorino w/attributes of warrior god -- --
L Amorino w/attributes of Hercules Unidentifiable birdlet --
M Amorino w/attributes of Vulcan R: Swallow; L: unidentifiable Hirundo rustica
N Amorino w/ with lion and seahorse -- --