Plant Propagation
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Care of Layered Plants

It is easy to care for houseplants that have been layered. Cut the rooted plant off the parent plant and pot it up. If the root system is small, it may not be able to take up enough water to support a large number of leaves. Trim the top of the plant to a size that is proportional to the size of the rootball. Place a plastic bag over the newly potted plant for a few days to reduce water loss as the roots become established

It is also easy to care for woody plants that have been layered. Plants layered in spring will usually have roots by the end of summer. That fall or the next spring before growth starts, cut them from the parent plants and transplant. You might want to consider planting them initially in a pot that can be protected from severe weather until the roots become established.

Plants layered mid-summer should be left through the winter, then cut off and transplanted the next spring before new growth begins. Protect them from severe weather for the first few weeks after replanting.