Plant Propagation

Web Links for Plant Propagation

Master Gardener Programs

Master Gardener Program - Indiana

Master Gardener Programs - US


General Propagation Resources

Links to Plant Propagation Websites (Purdue University)

Specific techniques (Cornell Distance Learning Course)


Purdue Biotechechnology Courses

HORT 250 - Biotechnology in Agriculture

Purdue Agricultural Biotechnology



Adaptations for Pollination (Eastern Connecticut State University)

Angiosperm pollination syndromes (Vanderbilt University)


Artificial Lighting

Article from The Orchid House


Propagation Media

Sterilizing Media (Colorado State University)


Seed Tape

Make Your Own Seed Tape (Junior Master Gardener Program)


Biological Control

Natural Enemies of Cutworms (Purdue ACORN program)


When to Transplant

Cooperative Extension Service



Tomato-Potato Graft

Cactus Grafting

"Fruit Salad" Tree

Bark Grafting (Washington State University)

Grafting and Budding Nursery Crops (North Carolina State University)

Grafting Methods for Fruit Trees (University of Georgia)

Bridge Grafting and Inarching (University of Connecticut)

Cleft and Bark Grafts (University of Georgia)

Grafting Tape


Hot Beds

Purdue Publication HO-53 Hot Beds and Cold Frames


Sources of equipment for plant propagators, including grafting tools

A. M. Leonard, Inc.

Forestry Supplies, Inc.

Raintree Nursery


Resources for Rootstocks

Adams County Nursery, Inc.

Raintree Nursery


Constructing a Light Stand

Illuminatron: Step-By-Step Guide to Build a Portable Plant Lighting System

T's Flowers - Make your own lighted floral plant stand


Resources for Seed Germination

Database of germination protocols (Tom Clothier)

Database of germination protocol (Thompson and Morgan)

Growing Trees and Shrubs from Seed (Montana State University)

Overcoming Seed Dormancy: Trees and Shrubs (North Carolina State University)

Propagation of Fruit and Nuts by Seed (Oklahoma State University)

Collecting Wildflower and Prairie Seed (University of Minnesota)


Germination of seeds of vegetables and annuals

Indiana Vegetable Planting Calendar (Purdue University)

Starting Seeds Indoors (Purdue University)


Fungicides for Bulbs

Bonide Bulb Saver/Bulb Dust