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Links to Useful Sites

  • Agronomic Links Around the Globe (PURDUE)
  • Purdue New Crop Resource Online Program (PURDUE)
  • EDIS - Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (UFL)
  • PlantFacts (OSU)
  • Vegetable Information (TAMU)

    Extension Publications, Production Guides, Leaflets and Factsheets
  • Purdue Extension Publications (Vegetables) (PURDUE)
  • ID-56: Midwest Vegetable Production Guide For Commercial Growers (2003) (PURDUE)
  • Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Connection (PURDUE)
  • UC Davis Vegetable Research and Information Center (UCDAVIS)
  • North Carolina Horticulture Information Leaflets (NCSU)
  • Nebraska Extension Publications - Horticulture (UNL)
  • Texas Aggie Horticulture - Vegetables (TAMU)
  • Texas Vegetable Grower's Handbook (TAMU)
  • Commercial Vegetable Production (UFL)
  • Vegetable Production Guide for Florida (SP170) (UFL)
  • Specific Vegetables (A-Z) (UFL)
  • Oregon Commercial Vegetable Production Guides (ORST)
  • South Texas Vegetable Web (TAMU)
  • Ohioline: Vegetable Crops (OSU)

    Sustainable Agriculture
  • University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (UCDAVIS)
  • Sustainable Practices for Vegetable Production in the South (NCSU)

    Integrated Pest Management
  • University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project (UCDAVIS)
  • Integrated Pest Management in the Northeast (CORNELL)
  • Integrated Crop and Pest Management Recommendations for Commercial Vegetables (CORNELL)
  • National IPM Network (North Carolina Component) (NCSU)
  • National IPM Network: Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook (UMN)
  • Integrated Pest Management Program (University of Illinois) (UIUC)
  • Integrated Pest Management Program - Fruits and Vegetables (University of Illinois) (UIUC)
  • Database of IPM Resources - Vegetable Pest Management (ORST)
  • Integrated Crop and Pest Management Guidelines for Commercial Vegetable Production (CORNELL)
  • Biological Control Virtual Information Center (NCSU)
  • University of Wisconsin Vegetable Scouting Manual (WISC)

    Vegetable Insects
  • National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) (PURDUE)
  • North Carolina Vegetable Insect Notes (NCSU)
  • Vegetable Pest Management (ORST)
  • Clemson Entomology Insect Information Sheets - Vegetable Insects (CLEMSON)
  • Iowa State Entomology Image Gallery (IASTATE)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Integrated Insect, Mite and Disease Management on Vegetable Crops (OSU) [pdf]
  • Insects That Affect Vegetable Crops (UFL)
  • Vegetable Insects (UKY)
  • Plant Pest Identification Aid (TAMU): Vegetable Insect Pest Index
  • Clemson Entomology Insect Information Sheets - Beneficials (CLEMSON)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Pollination (OSU) [pdf]
  • Beekeeping (NCSU)

    Vegetable Diseases
  • North Carolina Plant Disease Notes - Vegetables (NCSU)
  • Texas Plant Disease Handbook (TAMU)
  • Common Names for Plant Diseases (APSNET)
  • Texas Extension Vegetable Disorder Identification Guides (TAMU)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Disease Control (OSU) [pdf]
  • Vegetable MD Online (CORNELL)
  • Vegetable Disease Photogallery (WSU)

  • Weeds - Factsheets and Infosheets (OMAF)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Weed Management (OSU) [pdf]
  • Weed Science Society of America, WSSA (UIUC)
  • Integrated Weed Management for Vegetable Crops (UIUC)
  • Weed Management (UFL)
  • Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey - Biocontrol of Noxious Weeds and Insects (UWYO)
  • Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook (ORST)
  • Weed Control for Commercial Vegetable Crops (UIUC) [pdf]
  • University of Wisconsin Vegetable Scouting Manual: Weed Guide (WISC)

    Agricultural Chemicals and Pesticide Safety
  • Pesticide Education Resources (UNL)
  • Pesticide Resources (UMN)
  • Agricultural Safety Training Materials (AGSAFE)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Pesticide Information and Safety (OSU) [pdf]
  • Pesticide Safety (UFL)
  • The Worker Protection Standard (UFL)

    Organic Vegetable Production
  • Organic Vegetable Production (UFL)
  • Organic Vegetable Production in California Series (UCDAVIS)

    Variety Selection
  • Variety Selection (UFL)

  • Vegetable Seeds and Seed Information (TAMU)
  • Precision Seeding for Vegetable Crops (NCSU)

  • Transplant Production (UFL)

    Mulches and Row Covers
  • Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production (NCSU)
  • Mulching (UFL)
  • Row Covers for Growth Enhancement (UFL)
  • Use of Plastic Mulch and Row Covers in Vegetable Production (OKSTATE) [pdf]
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Irrigation, Mulches and Frost Control (OSU) [pdf]

  • Vegetable Crop Irrigation (NCSU)
  • Using Plastic Mulches and Drip Irrigation for Vegetable Production (NCSU)
  • Irrigation Management (UFL)
  • California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS)
  • Soil Plant Water Relationships (UFL)
  • 2005 Ohio Vegetable Production Guide - Irrigation, Mulches and Frost Control (OSU) [pdf]

    Soils and Plant Nutrition
  • Soils and Plant Nutrition (UFL)
  • Soil and Fertilizer Management for Vegetable Production in Florida (UFL)
  • Fertilization and Chemical Analyses of Vegetable Crops (UCDAVIS)
  • A Gardener's Guide for Soil and Nutrient Management in Growing Vegetables (UNL)
  • Nutrient Management for Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Crops in Minnesota (UMN)
  • The Diagnosis of Mineral Deficiencies in Plants by Visual Symptoms, by Thomas Wallace, M.C., D.Sc., A.I.C., 1943 (LUMINET)

    Quality Standards and Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables
  • North Carolina Post-Harvest Information Leaflets (NCSU)
  • Quality Standards - Fresh Market Vegetables (USDA-AMS)
  • Quality Standards - Fresh Vegetables for Processing (USDA-AMS)
  • Vegetable Harvest and Storage (MISSOURI)
  • Handling, Cooling and Sanitation Techniques for Maintaining Postharvest Quality (UFL)
  • Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables - Quality Maintenance (NCSU)
  • Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables - Cooling (NCSU)
  • Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables - Handling (NCSU)
  • Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables - Mixed Loads (NCSU)
  • Vegetable Preparation for Fresh Market (UCDAVIS)
  • Postharvest Handling Systems: Fruit Vegetables (UCDAVIS)
  • Postharvest Handling Systems: Flower, Leafy and Stem Vegetables (UCDAVIS)
  • Postharvest Handling Systems: Underground Vegetables (UCDAVIS)
  • Postharvest Handling Systems: Minimally Processed Fruits and Vegetables (UCDAVIS)
  • Other Information on Post-Harvest Handling of Vegetables (NCSU)

    Greenhouse Vegetable Production
  • Greenhouse Vegetable Production (NMSU)

    Vegetable Gardening
  • North Carolina Home Gardening Leaflets (NCSU)
  • Integrated Pest Management Web Site For Home Vegetable Gardening (TAMU)
  • The Growing Edge Magazine

    Production Statistics
  • National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA)
  • Individual State Agricultural Statistics (USDA)
  • USDA Economics and Statistics System (CORNELL)

    Marketing and Economics
  • 1999 Ohio Crop Enterprise Budgets (OSU)
  • Crop Rotational Budgets for Three Cropping Systems in the Northeastern United States (RUTGERS)
  • Methodology for Calculation of Costs and Returns of Production (RUTGERS)
  • Marketing Strategies for Vegetable Growers (UFL)
  • Production Cost (MSU)

  • Flowering Plant Gateway (TAMU)
  • National Plants Database Project (USDA)

    Germplasm and Genomics
  • Maize Genetics and Genomics Database (MaizeGBD)
  • BeanGenes Database (Phaseolus and Vigna) (NDSU)
  • Solanaceae Genomics Network (CORNELL)

    Weather and Climate
  • Weathernet (UMICH)
  • Midwest Regional Climate Center (UIUC)
  • National Drought Mitigation Center (UNL)
  • U.S. Global Change Data and Information System (USGCRP)

    Societies and Associations
  • The American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)
  • American Gourd Society
  • National Corn Growers Association
  • National Watermelon Promotion Board

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