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HORT640 - Metabolic Plant Physiology

Nitrate uptake and reduction

Three Dimensional Structure of Nitrate Reductase

The image(s) below show the cytochrome b fragment of the Zea mays NADH nitrate reductase [EC] complexed with FAD (green). This fragment of nitrate reductase consists of two domains, the amino-terminal lobe, which binds FAD, and the carboxy-terminal lobe, which is presumed to bind NADH, connected by a linker region. Image(s) were obtained using the Glaxo Wellcome Experimental Research Swiss-Pdb Viewer (v3.6b3) (see references below) with crystal structure data derived from: Lu G, Campbell WH, Schneider G, Lindqvist Y 1994 Crystal structure of the FAD-containing fragment of corn nitrate reductase at 2.5 A resolution: relationship to other flavoprotein reductases. Structure 2: 809-821 [sequence = NIA1_MAIZE P17571].

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