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Secondary products derived from aromatic amino acids

Alternative IAA synthesis pathways

IAN (indole-3-acetonitrile) is a candidate IAA precursor in the tryptophan-independent pathway of auxin biosynthesis (dashed line of figure above) (Normanly et al, 1993). IAN accumulates 6- to 11-fold in the Arabidopsis trp3 and trp2 mutants that overaccumulate IAA conjugates (trp3 mutants are defective in tryptophan synthase [EC] A subunit; trp2 mutants are defective in tryptophan synthase B subunit) (Bartel, 1997). Genes encoding nitrilase [EC] enzymes have been cloned from Arabidopsis and several other higher plants (Bartling et al, 1994; Normanly et al, 1997).

IAN has several auxin-like effects in Arabidopsis, and is metabolized to IAA. An Arabidopsis mutant defective in the nitrilase encoded by the NIT1 gene has been identified, but the half-life of IAN and the levels of IAA and IAN were unaffected in the nit1 mutant. This may be because Arabidopsis has other functional nitrilases (e.g. 3 nitrilase genes, NIT1, NIT2 and NIT3 are clustered on chromosome 3). However, overexpression of NIT2 enhanced IAN turnover and increased sensitivity to IAN (Normanly et al, 1997).


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