Tri-State Organic IP Video Series 2007

Insect and Disease Management for Organic Vegetables
April 19, 2007


Streaming video of entire program
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Agenda (doc)

Handout List (doc)

Speaker Presentations (ppt or pdf)
R. Foster, Preventing Insect Problems in Organic Vegetable Systems (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page, black and white)
R. Weinzierl, Biological Control and Organic Pesticides in Organic Vegetable Production (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page)
D. Egel, Diagnosis and Prevention of Vegetables Diseases in Organic Systems (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page)
S. Miller, Specific Approaches to Disease Management in Organic Systems (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page, black and white)

Disease Managment in Organic Muskmelon and Watermelon (doc)
Disease Managment in Organic Pumpkin (doc)
Disease Managment in Organic Tomato (doc)

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management from Cornell University


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