Tri-State Organic IP Video Series 2007

Organic Poultry Production
September 20, 2007


Streaming video of entire program
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Agenda (doc)

Speaker Presentations (ppt or pdf)
I. Hagsten, What is Organic Poultry? (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page, black and white)
M. Latour, Managing Small Organic Poultry Flocks (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page)
K. Koelkebeck, Husbandry, Disease and Biosecurity, Processing, Enterprise (ppt) (pdf, 6 slides per page) Nutrition (pdf, 3 slides per page)

Avian Influenza Monitoring Project (doc)

Additional Materials about Poultry Production

General Production

Poultry Your Way from Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture (pdf)
Egg Cleaning Procedures from Univ. of Nebraska (pdf)
Proper Light Management for Your Home Laying Flock from Univ. of Nebraska (pdf)

Flock Health

Avian Flu Brochure from USDA (pdf)
Biosecurity and the Poultry Flock from Univ. of Nebraska (pdf)
Control of Pullorum and Typhoid Through Participation in National Poultry Improvement Plan in Nebraska (pdf)
Preventive Medicine for Backyard Poultry Flocks from Univ. of Nebraska (pdf)
Are you being bugged by Buffalo Gnats? from Univ. of Illinois (pdf)

Suppliers and Services

2007 Sources of Incubator & Sources of Fertile Eggs (doc)
Hatcheries (doc)
Organic Feed Suppliers (doc)
Labs that can perform mycotoxin analysis in grain and feed (doc)


Poultry Budget from Univ. of Wisconsin (xls)
Organic Poultry Value from USDA Market News (txt)
Organic Poultry Gaining in Specialty Market Competition Organic from USDA/ERS (pdf)


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